Major disruptions to the systems and services operated by the Research Computing Centre are now logged by RCC on theITS Service Status Page. 

These systems and services include:  

  • High-performance computers Bunya and Wiener 

  • the associated scratch storage subsystems 

  • the RDM Q collections, and 

  • associated overlayed services (e.g., the batch system)  

Please check theITS Service Status Page beforesubmitting a support request about a known problem. 

Please note that minor or ongoing issues will be logged in the HPC systems "message of the day" which should get displayed (and read!) whenever you login to any of the HPC login nodes.  

Users of Bunya and Wiener can also display the "message of the day" (MOTD) anytime by typing: 

cat /etc/motd 

on the command line.