RCC is currently working on an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project that aims to assist programmers in identifying supercomputing performance bottlenecks in their code quickly and easily.

The project involves the development of new software tools and techniques concerning parallel computing, verified by industry partners, with applications to a broad range of research domains, such as life sciences and hypersonic transport.

The project should provide significant benefits, including the capacity for Australian industries to access world-class supercomputing technology.

XENON Systems, a high-performance computing consultancy that has worked in supercomputing with Australian researchers in aerospace, media and life sciences, is the project’s industry partner. 

The project’s partner investigators include Dr Werner Scholz, XENON Systems’ Chief Technology Officer, Professor Jesus Labarta from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Professor Andrew McCulloch from the University of California, San Diego. 

Dr Rowan Gollan from UQ’s School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering is the co-chief investigator of the project alongside former RCC Director Professor David Abramson (David retired as RCC Director in January 2024).

RCC Research Fellow Dr Jin Chao is also involved in the project, as well as PhD student Mo'ath Qasim Mohammad Qutaish from UQ’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.