Within the University of Queensland Research and Innovation Portfolio (DVC-R and I), the RCC is known as a Collaborative Research Platform (CRP). RCC, as with all CRP's, reports to the Pro Vice Chancellor, Research Infrastructure. attracting core funding from the University's research budget, capital management budget and external funding sources from federal and state initiatives.

RCC has two committees related to governance:

  • Academic Advisory Committee, as required by the University of Queensland Policy and Procedures List for Collaborative Research Platforms.
  • RCC Management Committee.

Academic Advisory Committee

The role of the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) is to assist the RCC Director in forming the overall strategic direction of the RCC. 

A key objective is to establish RCC as a leader in cutting-edge eResearch best practice. 

Through its members, the AAC will provide links to external organisations of both national and international significance. The committee will explore both national and international funding opportunities. 

Because of the involvement of international advisors, the committee will use video-conference meetings wherever possible and will meet once per year. 

The AAC comprises the following members:

  • Jake Carroll, Director, RCC
  • UQ PVC-RI or delegate (currently Professor Paul Bonnington)
  • Professor Debra Berhardt, AIBN, UQ, ARC Australian Laureate Fellow
  • Professor Bronis de Supinski, CTO, Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL - Livermore Computing)
  • Rowan Salt, UQ CIO
  • Dr Steve Quenette: Innate Innovation Pty Ltd
  • Mr Luc Betbeder-Matibet, Director, Research Technology Services, University of Sydney.

RCC Management Committee  

The role of the RCC Management Committee is to assist the RCC Director in matters relating to the Centre’s operation, including setting annual goals, assessing progress towards goals, and levels of funding required to support the ongoing operations and strategic initiatives. 

The committee will meet face-to-face twice a year. The Research Management Committee comprises the following members: 

  • Jake Carroll, Director, RCC
  • Dr Marlies Hankel, Senior Consultancy and Development Manager, RCC
  • Two Deans of relevant UQ faculties.
  • Director of a UQ institute.
  • UQ CIO
  • UQ Library Director.
  • Four senior academics with relevant links to RCC.