RCC is a partner of the Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging & Diagnosis (ACEMID).

ACEMID will bring smart imaging to regional areas of Australia to detect skin cancer.

The initiative aims to reduce the overarching burden, morbidity and mortality associated with melanoma in Australia by ensuring healthcare services are distributed effectively and equitably to Australians most in need.

The project involves 15 research nodes across Australia, and 45,000 avatars to develop next-generation skin cancer diagnosis.

ACEMID is led by UQ, in collaboration with The University of Sydney, and Monash University, and builds on well-established linkages with other research entities, hospitals, health services, and consumer groups.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has funded ACEMID.

RCC supports the ACEMID project with very large-scale high-performance storage technologies and artificial intelligence enabled supercomputing platforms, enabling training, characterisation and model design for the project.

See the ACEMID website for more information.