This page will show you how you can acknowledge RCC support, services, funding and use of RCC's resources, such as Bunya and Wiener, and past resources, such as FlashLite, Tinaroo and Awoonga.

If you are acknowledging RCC, please let us know why. Please email RCC's Senior Communications Officer, Shannon Lindsay:

Recognising RCC funding

To recognise RCC funding please include the UQ logo and following tagline in your project communications:

[Project Name/Organisation] acknowledges funding from the Research Computing Centre (RCC), The University of Queensland.

Recognising the use of the Bunya supercomputer

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) was created for the Bunya supercomputer in late April 2024. Bunya's DOI is registered and findable, with metadata associated in the record.

We prefer that you cite your use of The University of Queensland Research Computing Centre's supercomputer with the following citation format. The format can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the journal, however, please make sure to use the below mentioned digital object identifiers (DOI) as this will allow us to better track the use of our services:

[1] The University of Queensland Research Computing Centre. 2024. Bunya supercomputer. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


If the use of The University of Queensland Research Computing Centre citation listed above is not possible for any reason, please use the following acknowledgments:

This work was supported by resources provided by The University of Queensland Research Computing Centre’s Bunya supercomputer (, with funding from The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Recognising use of RCC’s other resources and support

When using RCC’s services, support and resources, such as high-performance computer Wiener, and past HPCs FlashLite, Tinaroo and Awoonga), we recommend acknowledging this as:

  • We wish to acknowledge The University of Queensland's Research Computing Centre (RCC) for its support in this research.

UQ logo

Please contact Shannon Lindsay, RCC's Senior Communications Officer, for a copy of UQ's logo and for information about UQ's branding guidelines: