RCC was a partner of this Monash University-led ARDC-funded project to build a consolidated platform for Machine Learning (ML) skills and research.
The project brings together ML tools, libraries, and access to data to provide a consolidated platform for ML-based research, deployed on high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) at Monash University and The University of Queensland.
The project focused on improving knowledge about deploying and configuring the most widely used ML tools and libraries (including Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras) and data preprocessing tools (such as Pandas, Matlab and Moa). This enables quick and efficient customisation, deployment and support of ML tools and libraries while leveraging the limited hardware available.
A national community for researchers using ML has been established, and advanced training materials that can be reused has been produced.
Researchers who require access to machine learning tools and computing and are interested in upskilling their machine learning expertise will benefit from this project. It is suitable for researchers across a wide range of domains including life sciences, engineering, computer science and, increasingly, the humanities and social sciences.